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Polenta whiskey recipe

Polenta whiskey makes a smooth grain whiskey.


Whiskey Method:

  • Start by cleaning the equipment to prep it for use.
  • Put 13L of water into the fermenter and slowly add the polenta allowing it to wet as it falls to the bottom and thus avoids caking as much as possible
  • Carefully lift the fermenter and shake it side-to-side to ensure a good mix or use a drill paddle or mixing spoon.
  • Next add the dry malt like you did the polenta,slow and steady and then again mix it nicely to get a good mix
  • Warm the leftover water on the stove until it’s just hot to the touch.
  • Turn off the oven and stir in the yeast until it is completely dissolved.
  • Now add this to the fermenter and mix well.
  • After 7 days, it’s now ready to run off in the still