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Neutral Alcohol

This recipe will make a 20L neutral alcohol fermentation


Fermenting method:

  • Disinfect drum and utensils
  • Add sugar into fermentation bucket
  • Add 4L of boiling water and stir very well until sugar is dissolved.
  • Fill bucket up with cold water to 20L mark and add the nutrient and stir well.
  • Let the wash cool down to about 30 degrees C.
  • Add yeast breaking up any clumps and stir gently throughout the wash.
  • Check pH (should be at 5.2) if not modify accordingly using citric acid or potassium carbonate.
  • Close the bucket lid and place an airlock into grommet in lid. Fill airlock with water or alcohol to create seal. Keeping the wash temperature between 25 and 30 degrees C.
  • Allow the wash to ferment until the SG is below 1.000 (i.e. 0.998) (between 11 and 16 days)
  • Once airlock has stopped bubbling allow the wash to stand for 3 days.
  • Syphon off to avoid any sediment/dead yeast being distilled.

IMPORTANT: Check pH daily as sugar wash can drop to a pH of below 4 which could stall your yeast

Distilling method:

A pot or reflux still can be used. Ensure you remove first 100ml and discard as this is toxic. Distil liquid to as high abv as possible between 88-96%. Filter through activated carbon and coffee filters to purify final product.