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Yeast Nutrient

Whether you are new to distilling or have been doing it for a while you have most likely heard of the term yeast nutrient. What exactly is yeast nutrient? And how does it affect fermentation? This article will answer that.

What is Yeast nutrient and why is it important?

Yeast is a living organism and therefore needs food and nutrition to survive. The nutrition yeast needs is made up of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, nitrogen, and potassium. If the yeast does not have access to these nutrients it can lead to underperforming fermentations or an unpleasant tasting end-product.

Do all fermentations need nutrient?

The short answer is no. Malted barley or fruit mashes can contain enough of their own nutrients for the yeast to complete fermentation. However, additional nutrient is still recommended to compensate for any lack of nutrient in the fermentation. Additional nutrient is especially necessary in sugar washes as sugar contains little to no nutrients.

What nutrient do we recommend?

  • DAP (Diammonium sulphate): Excellent source of nitrogen
  • Premixed yeast nutrient: quality premixes contain all necessary vitamins and minerals to keep yeast cells healthy
  • Turbo yeast: Premix of yeast and nutrient. Ideal for grain and sugar fermentations
  • Yeast Energizer: Often combined with DAP giving the yeast plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Alternative nutrient sources include tomato paste, raisins, and marmite
Tip: Yeast nutrient is a relatively cheap way of insuring you get the highest possible yield from your fermentation