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Cornflakes Whiskey

This recipe will make a 20L cornflakes whiskey fermentation


Fermenting method:

  • Bring 5 litres of water to boil
  • Add sugar and stir till dissolved
  • Squeeze lemon juice or add citric acid over sugar water
  • “Liquidise” the corn flakes in a food blender until fine
  • Add the corn flakes to the sugar water and stir
  • Add 11 litres COLD water
  • Add yeast nutrients and stir thoroughly through wash
  • Sprinkle 20g of yeast on top of your mash and wait 15-20 minutes
  • Gently stir your yeast into the mash to disperse evenly throughout
  • Leave fermenting bucket open to air to ferment for first day
  • Close lid of fermenting bucket (with CO2 escape) and ferment until SG is less than 1.000
  • Siphon to remove sediment
  • Strain to remove any solids left.

Pot still distilling method:

  • Bring to boil
  • Adjust heat input on burner to a SLOW boil (the slower the better)
  • maintain a 75% alcohol level. (Using a distilling parrot helps a lot)
  • Stop when the reflux output cannot be maintained at 75% alcohol anymore.

Enhancement and aging

  • Bottle in glass bottles and add oak chips
  • Let stand for 2 months or until desired colour and taste has developed.

Note: If you prefer a stronger maize taste, add more corn flakes during mashing.

We hope you enjoy this cornflakes whiskey recipe!