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Mead Balsam Recipe

This recipe makes a smooth, full-bodied mead with sweet honey notes, best served neat or on the rocks



  • Heat 10L of water to 70°C and stir in the 3.8L of honey until completely dissolved.
  • Add an additional 10L of room temperature water to the honey solution.
  • Cool to 21°C using an immersion chiller or naturally letting it cool.
  • Aerate by pouring mash back and forth between two buckets.
  • Add yeast of choice
  • Add 2.5 teaspoons of yeast nutrient (Follow the directions on the label)
  • Transfer to a glass jar, or fermenter, install airlock and allow to ferment around 21C for at least 2 weeks
  • or until it is finished fermenting.
  • After fermentation is finished allow to settle for at least 10-14 days.
  • Siphon (do not pour) into your still.


  • Make sure to toss heads and tails.
  • Make extremely tight heads and tails cuts if you plan on drinking un-aged.
  • If you are planning to age your mead, be tight with your heads cut but more liberal with tails cuts.

Finishing your mead:

  • Age your mead for 2-3 weeks using lightly toasted American oak chips
  • Add a tiny bit of honey to the finished product. Note, this will make the final product slightly cloudy. Lightly filter to remove haze (only if you absolutely must).